Marine Debris Transforms Into Fashion Statements

Marine Debris Transforms Into Fashion Statements

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

In the spring of 2014, Rob and Brittany Webster were overwhelmed by the amount of trash and objects that had washed ashore while walking on one of the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas. “We saw the need for change and wanted to make a difference in any way we could. The majority of the debris was comprised of plastics, bottles, fishing nets, and marine rope.”

And an idea and business were born.

They created Planet Love Life, an innovative company that collects drift netting and abandoned nets from beaches in the Caribbean Sea. They then transform the discarded flotsam into really cool bracelets.

Graduates and strong environmental advocates from the University of South Florida, the pair are seeing their concept into reality.

Rob is a serial entrepreneur who has seen success time and time again, while Brittany the the lead jewelry designer and specialist in experiential education and environmental science. “These marine debris awareness products are made from recycled fishing nets and ropes to fund beach cleanup projects.”

Like-minded Bruckner Chase decided to partner with Planet Love Life and create Ocean Positive charms to augment the marine fashion statement in order to aid in the cause.

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