Marion Joffle Is Absolutely Positively Tough In Negative Temperatures

Marion Joffle Is Absolutely Positively Tough In Negative Temperatures

The Svalbard Ice Swimming Adventures were held in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway within the Arctic Circle (78.22° N 15.65° E) where the following International Ice Swimming Association swimmers swam in the brutally tough -1.00°C water and -10.00°C°C air temperature with a wind chill of -15.9°C:

1550m Distance:

  1. Marion Joffle (23, France) 28:36.84

1200m Distance:

  1. Peggy Henning (54, Germany) 24:27.35

1000m Distance:

  1. Petar Stoychev (46, Bulgaria) 14:27.36
  2. Neil Hopkins (41, South Africa) 15:47.93
  3. Joshua Ackerman (24, South Africa) 16:59.41
  4. Paolo Chiarino (56, Italy) 20:12.95
  5. Filip Jicha Sr. (52, Czech Republic) 21:07.09
  6. Jean Craven (50, South Africa) 21:36.60

800m Distance:

  1. Sam Whelpton (36, South Africa) 15:01.01

500m Distance:

  1. Hassan Baraka (35, Morocco) 9:28.39

400m Distance:

  1. Ellery McGowan (75, Australia) 9:00.52

250m Distance:

  1. Filip Jicha, Jr. (18, Czech Republic) 3:58.61
  2. Ram Barkai (65, South Africa) 4:08.49
  3. Marketa Jichova (44) 6:17.29

Barkai described the swim, “In ice swimming, the swims are always an amazing display of one’s grit and skill and wonderful teamwork. Everyone was involved at all times. Swimmers or supporters, we all had a part to play. Swim, second a swimmer, walk up and down in a dry suit for safety, keep a watching eye on each swimmer, assist the swimmer exit the water, and most importantly, assist in the recovery.

Not everyone swam what they hoped to swim initially. Some scaled-down due to the severe conditions and some had to abort early as the cold shut them down. Nevertheless, everyone was a superhero in my books.

To strip, basically naked, in a skimpy swimming costume with one cap and a pair of goggles and step down into -1°C with an air temp of -10°C with wind gusts that can turn your extremities into icicles in a few seconds – that takes a huge amount of commitment.

Water temperature
Petar Stoychev rewarming
Rewarming with shirtless Jean Craven

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