Marital Bliss In Hawaii

Marital Bliss In Hawaii

Honeymoon in Hawaii? A romantic trip to Maui? Rest and relaxation on the Big Island? Surfing on the North Shore? Wind surfing with the trade winds?

Not for Chris and Penny Palfrey.

The duo will head back to Hawaii for another set of challenging channel swims.

Penny, the 48-year-old International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee will attempt a crossing of the Kaiwi Channel, between Molokai and Oahu. Chris, the current record holder across the 26-mile Molokai Channel, will be tackling the 17-mile Kaluakahi Channel (between Kauai and Niihau), and the 7-mile Alalakeiki Channel (between Maui and Kahoolawe).

If I am feeling good after this swim, with no injuries, shoulder soreness, etcetera, I plan to swim the Kaluakahi Channel along with Chris. Then we plan to do the Alalakeiki Channel together later in our trip. So potentially I may swim three channels during the month of March. It’s looking like a very exciting trip for us. Depending on the weather, I may even be able to sneak in three channels in three weeks,” predicted Penny.

While open water swimming has been graced with such incredible husband-and-wife pairs as Roger and Valerie Parson and Ray and Audrey Scott, to have both a husband and a wife simultaneously perform marathon swimming at the level at which the Palfreys do is unprecedented. To do marathon swimming at the same time has to be difficult – extremely difficult. In addition to their joint swim in the Auau (Maui) Channel, Chris and Penny have swum the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (three times), the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim (one time), the Santa Rosa Island to Santa Cruz Island in the Santa Barbara Channel (one time), the Rottnest Channel Swim (9 times), the Australian 25K Open Water Swimming Championships and the Magnetic Island to Townsville swim (many times) together. They have additionally both swum doing the Strait of Gibraltar (Spain to Morocco twice) and across the Catalina Channel (on separate occasions).

Their success can only be as a result of having a truly special, mutually respectful relationship and accommodating personalities.

Photo by Jeff Kozlovich.

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