Marital Bliss In The Open Water

Marital Bliss In The Open Water

Penny and Chris Palfrey have established a special sort of marital bliss with bonds that go deep.

Deep as in real deep. Channel deep.

We both know what the deal is,” said Chris in an Australian television interview.

We know what we’re doing it for and the reasons that we’re getting up at ridiculous hours every morning and so we’re both really quite self motivated.”

Chris’ “it” is a solo swim across the 26-mile Molokai Channel between Molokai and Oahu. Penny’s “it” is a solo swim across the 72-mile Kaieiewaho Channel between Oahu and Kauai.

The challenge of these really big ones now I couldn’t do earlier in my life because I was raising the children,” said Penny, the mother of three. “So there’s only I guess a fairly small window when you have that opportunity to get out and do them. Oh I love it. I know that in 10 years or so I can’t turn the clock back and do the things I’m doing now.”

Chris is shown above after a warm marathon swim in Florida.

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