Mark Sheridan - 2015 Global Marathon Swimming Award

Mark Sheridan – 2015 Global Marathon Swimming Award

Courtesy of Global Marathon Swimming Awards of the Marathon Swimmers Federation.

The Marathon Swimmers Federation announced its 2015 Global Marathon Swimming Awards.

Barra Award for the most impressive year of marathon swimming, all considered, was a tie:

*Mark Sheridan [shown above] of the U.K. for his English Channel crossing, Catalina Channel crossing, S.C.A.R. Swim in Arizona (9.5 miles (15.3 km) Saguaro, 9 miles (14.5 km) Canyon,17 miles (27.3 km) Apache, and 10 km (6.2 miles) Roosevelt crossings), serving as Committee Member and Race Director of British Long Distance Swimming Association, competed in BLDSA Swims: 8-mile Torquay crossing, and 3 and 6-mile Lake Bala.

*Craig Lenning of the U.S.A. for his 22-mile (35 km) crossing of Loch Ness in Scotland, 28-mile (45 km) crossing of length of Flathead Lake in Montana, 25-mile (40 km) crossing of Lake Memphremagog in Vermont, 24 Hour Relay in San Francisco Bay, 1 km International Ice Swimming Championships, and serving as crew and mentor to numerous marathon swimmers.

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