Mark Sowerby Crosses Catalina...With A Bump In The Night

Mark Sowerby Crosses Catalina…With A Bump In The Night

Mark Sowerby made the most of his time in Southern California before and after crossing the Catalina Channel in 10 hours 43 minutes on October 4th.

He said afterwards, “It’s been a wonderful experience in Southern California. We met some great people and happily managed to get the swim done which is never a given. There really is nowhere to hide out there when things don’t go according to plan and it was somewhat rewarding to still find a way to the finish line.”

On a day and night when the winds died down, Sowerby faced relatively tranquil conditions from start to finish, but he did get “bumped” by something an hour half in. He surmised, “It was probably a dolphin they tell me.”

The personable Australian swam to a finish at Smugglers/Sacred Cove, observed by Steve Chase and Bob Needham and coached by Tim Denyer of Red Top Swim [shown below].

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