MARNATON eDreams Cadaqués 2016

MARNATON eDreams Cadaqués 2016

Courtesy of Clara Rabat, MARNATON eDreams, Barcelona, Spain.

The tramontane wind brings swimmers closer to Cadaqués in the MARNATON eDreams series.

Due to the strength and direction of the tramontane, Plan B was activated and the swim course was changed to ensure the safety of the swimmers. “Thanks to the new routes, swimmers were able to discover and enjoy all corners of the bay of Cadaqués,” said Clara Rabat. “The ninth MARNATON eDreams Cadaqués featured 5 km, 4 km, 3.7 km and 2.5 km swims and the MARNATON KIDS for over 1,500 participants.”

There was a change of plans due to the presence of Force 6 tramontane wind, preventing swimmers from following the original route. “The MARNATON eDreams Cadaqués took place in the bay of Cadaqués, with routes that were more technical, enjoyable and spectacular. This change enabled the swimmers to discover each corner of the bay of Cadaqués in this picturesque town on the Costa Brava. Also, spectators were able to follow the swim closely, cheering swimmers on from the shore during the swim despite the adverse weather conditions.”

583 swimmers started the 5 km route along the legendary course from Cap de Creus to Cadaqués. “Participants followed a 5 km route along the coast to Platja Gran where they faced a straight swim towards Es Cucurucuc. They then swam around the island of S’Aranella, enjoyed the calm of the Passatge Estrop before the final swim towards Platja Gran.”

Alexander Studzinki won in 1:00:14, defending his title, closely followed by Pablo Pedrosa (1:00:16) with Jordi Bosch and Damián Blaum tied together in third (1:00:34). The female winner was Esther Nuñez (1:06:53) with Mireia Gómez in place (1:11:13) and Elisenda Llorens in third (1:12:19).

The 4 km swim commenced from Portlligat with 313 swimmers. The winner of the swim was Fabian Ferrari (50:40) with Sylvain Gleizes took second (52:24) and Marc Luque finished third (52:25). The female podium winners included Arlet Oliveras (52:37), Cassandra Gimeno (56:50) and Lucia Santed (58:33).

The 2.5 km swim started from Caials as the tramontane wind eased slightly as the 340 swimmers started towards Platja Gran de Cadaqués. The first person to finish the swim was Joel Blanca (28:09) followed by Hugo Curty (28:10) and Javier Navarro (30:52). The first woman to arrive was Dana Barri (32:31) with Nora Valera in second (34:01) and Rosa Herrera in third (34:52).

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