Martin Cullen, Open Water Swimming's Unsung Hero

Martin Cullen, Open Water Swimming’s Unsung Hero

Courtesy of WOWSA.

Martin Cullen has been the sturdy backbone of Irish marathon swimming since the 1990’s as an observer, reporter, administrator and long-term visionary.

From 1990 to 2004, there was an average of one English Channel solo success a year. Ned Denison is clear about what caused the record of success.

Martin made major contributions. In 2004 and 2005, he made at least three major contributions that had long-term impact in Ireland. He organized six-person channel relay teams: three in 2004 and five in 2005. His 8-mile Bofin Island Challenge started to catch the attention of local swimmers.”

As a result, Irish marathon swimmers are now swimming the English Channel at an average rate of five per year since 2005. Ten completed the solo swim in 2009 and there are seventeen signed up for 2010.

Additionally, Swim Ireland has created a National Open Water Committee in order to promote and develop the sport of open water swimming in Ireland. As its Secretary/Communications Officer, Martin is at the core of this development. On the solo swim side, Martin continues to held support marathon swimmers, including those intrepid challenges of the Irish Channel.

A true hero…quietly and diligently supporting the sport.

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