Martina Grimaldi vs. Olga Kozydub, Part 2

Martina Grimaldi vs. Olga Kozydub, Part 2

Italian world champion and Olympic medalist Martina Grimaldi had a great dual with her Russian rival Olga Kozydub at the 34 km Traversée Internationale du lac Memphrémagog in Canada.

But Grimaldi uncharacteristically took a wrong turn and lost the FINA Grand Prix event in the last 25 meters of a 34 km marathon. Kozydub took advantage and the crown.

A few weeks later, the duo will duke it out again at the 30 km Ohrid Lake Swimming Marathon in former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on August 24th.

The experienced Italian will likely not make the same mistake twice, but the young Russia loves standing on top of the podium. On the men’s side, look for Brian Rykeman and Simone Ercoli to battle it out in the warm-water conditions, a situation well-suited to the slender swimmers. The entrants include:

1. Ciaramella Fernando Dario (ARG)
2. Ivan Afanevich (RUS)
3. Libor Smolka (CZE)
4. Tsvetan Yordanov (BUG)
5. Milan Marin (CRO)
6. Matheus Evangelista (BRA)
7. Edoardo Stochino (ITA)
8. Simone Ercoli (ITA)
9. Aleksandar Ilievski (MKD)
10. Joanes Hedel (FRA)
11. Axel Reymond (FRA)
12. Damian Blaum (ARG)
13. Simon Pistor (GER)
14. Evgenij Pop Acev (MKD)
15. Tomi Stefanovski (MKD)
16. Aleksandar Pancevski (MKD)
17. Aydarski Ventsislav (BUG)
18. Brian Ryckeman (BEL)
19. Guillermo Bertola (ARG)

1. Olga Kozydub (RUS)
2. Silvie Rybarova (CZE)
3. Noelia Petti (ARG)
4. Karla Šitić (CRO)
5. Lidija Ivanova (BUG)
6. Dina Levačić (CRO)
7. Nicoletta Simonazzi (ITA)
8. Martina Grimaldi (ITA)
9. Esther Nuñez Morera (ESP)
10. Anna Mankevich (RUS)
11. Lexie Kelly (USA)

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