Marty Sinn Talks About The Joy Of Swimming On WOWSA Live

Marty Sinn Talks About The Joy Of Swimming On WOWSA Live

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Marty Sinn, one of the original Honor Swimmers in the Class of 1963 in International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, was an accomplished and famous swimmer in the early to mid-1960’s.

During today’s WOWSA Live with Ned Denison, she reminisced about the following:

* training in Canada’s Camp Chikopi Champ
* swimming in lakes with leeches on her skin the size of your hand
* getting the leeches off your swim with salt
* studying art in Mexico City
* competing in Egypt, Jamaica and Puerto Rico and traveling in Italy with Buck Dawson
* winning the 1964 Canadian National Exhibition race in extremely cold water, finishing after Abou-Heif
* beating Greta Anderson at the 1964 Atlantic City Around the Island Swim
* remembering the 1965 Toronto race across Lake Ontario from the eastern shore when no swimmer completed the swim
* winning four major professional marathon swimming championship events in 1962, 1963 and 1964
* continuing to love swimming

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