Masterful Swimming By Susan Simmons

Masterful Swimming By Susan Simmons

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Some people from around the world with multiple sclerosis attempt all kinds of long-distance endeavors on land and in the water for its health benefits, but 49-year-old Susan Simmons is taking it to another level altogether. The Canadian is arguably tackling the toughest endurance event in history for an individual with multiple sclerosis.

She will have a SPOT tracker running on her 70 km two-way crossing of Cowichan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. To follow her swim that may take her 30 hours of non-stop swimming and through the night of August 22nd, visit here.

Her crew will also be tweeting via her Twitter account here (#70kmSwim). Her website is here.

For information on living with multiple sclerosis, visit here (Canada) and here (USA).

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