Mat Hudson On Establishing Home Water

Mat Hudson On Establishing Home Water

Mat Hudson moved halfway around the world and found his passion.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, the American currently lives in Antalya, Turkey where he leads Mediterra International Swimming, The former competitive swimmer and triathlete is a Total Immersion Master Coach who works with athletes of all levels and ages.

The 40-year-old conducts a number of workshops and training camps throughout the Mediterranean, European and Middle East regions for both pool and open water swimming.

Hudson has a blog where he presents a wide variety of topics including how to address fear of the open water.

One of his recommendations includes finding and establishing “home water“. Hudson writes here, “I highly recommend you find the most convenient and pleasing open-water spot and make yourself at home there, even if you can only visit seasonally. First, get familiar with its underwater features and manner during all sorts of weather and conditions. Start very small and work your way, one at a time. Then you can add new challenges whenever you feel the urge to do it…You know you are not in control of nature, but you can learn to be completely in control of yourself, choose what to expose yourself to, then train to have a peaceful response to all sorts of challenges, one by one. In this you will be in control of your experience.”

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