Mateusz Sawrymowicz Guesses Correctly, Beats Ous Mellouli

Mateusz Sawrymowicz Guesses Correctly, Beats Ous Mellouli

The RCP Tiburon Mile is part speed, parts stamina, and parts luck. The currents are never exactly known until the athletes are in mid-channel.

When Ous Mellouli of Tunisia, Mateusz Sawrymowicz of Poland, and Kane Radford of New Zealand blasted out from Angel Island, they all had different plans in their minds. Three men, three different lines to the finish.

With Mellouli swinging far right, Radford far left, the Polish Olympian played his cards conservatively and swam in the middle of his two rivals. There were clearly different lines and strategies and for the first half of the race, it was not clear who had selected the optimal strategy. But the trio has placed all their chips on their hand.

Mellouli took a straight-line tangent from the start to the finish while Radford was counting on taking advantage of the currents pushing him to the finish. But it was the 26-year-old 1500m pool swimming specialist who guessed the currents and competition just right.

I really didn’t take the line that I wanted to. I was correcting my line along the way. But towards the end, I really didn’t know where to go. I was breathing to my right, so I could see Ous.”

As he kept his sights on Mellouli, he swam as fast as he could go while eyeing the US$10,000 winner-take-all first prize. “Yeah, the race went well. I got a bit lucky.” The results of the top 10 men are below.

The full race results are at here

1. Mateusz Sawrymowicz 23:46
2. Oussama Mellouli 24:02
3. Kane Radford 24:20
4. Ridge Grimsey 24:25
5. Vladimir Dyatchin 24:27
6. Richard Weinberger 24:31
7. George O’Brien 24:34
8. Arturo Perez Vertti 24:37
9. Aimeson King 25:27
10. Adam Hinshaw 25:37

Upper photo shows Mateusz Sawrymowicz with race director Bob Placak and winner’s winner Ashley Twichell. Middle photo shows start on Angel Island. Lower photo shows Mateusz Sawrymowiz exiting water ahead of Ous Mellouli.

An analysis of Sawrymowicz’s strategy and selected course is posted here.

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