Matías Diaz Hernandez Leads Field At Selectivo 2017

Matías Diaz Hernandez Leads Field At Selectivo 2017

Courtesy of Marcelo Micocci, Maratón Acuática Internacional Santa Fe – Coronda.

Local swimmers completed their qualification swims with the goal of participating in the 43rd edition of the Maratón Acuática Internacional Santa Fe – Coronda in Argentina.

Matías Diaz Hernandez finished first in the Selectivo 2017 followed by Nicolás Segurado, Matías Aguirre and Daira Marín who also qualified for the professional 57 km (35 miles) race.

11 swimmers competed in Coronda organized by the Federation Santafesina de Natación after training with marathon swimmers Guillermo Bertola, Cecilia Biagioli, and Aquiles Balaudo who will also compete in the FINA race. 7 swimmers completed the competition within the qualification time as the top four qualified for the Santa Fe – Coronda race on February 5th 2017.

Balaudo recently won a bronze medal last week at the Argentinian Beach Games (Juegos Argentino de Playa) while Biagioli won the 2011 Grand Prix race and Bertola will be competing in his sixth edition.

Official Selectivo 2017 Results:
1º Matías Ezequiel Díaz Hernández (Santa Cruz) – 4 hours 9 minutes 12s [qualified]
2º Luciano Nicolás Segurado (Corrientes) – 4 hours 13 minutes 41s [qualified]
3º Matías Aguirre (Córdoba) – 4 hours 18 minutes 14s [qualified]
4º Lucas Nicolás Bulazio (La Plata, Buenos Aires) – 4 hours 27 minutes 15s [qualified]
5º Jose Ignacio Ravagna (Buenos Aires) – 4 hours 28 minutes 50s
6º Daira Marín (General Roca, Río Negro) – 4 hours 31 minutes 13s [first woman, qualified]
7º Claudio José Tisera (San Jorge, Santa Fe) – 4 hours 39 minutes 27s
8º Martín Jorge Grossi (Esperanza) – 4 hours 40 minutes 39s
9º Fernando Ciaramella (Buenos Aires) – 4 hours 47 minutes 29s
10º Marcos José Ricardo (Coronda) – 5 hours 7 minutes 28s
DNF Fausto Brondo (Paraná, Entre Ríos)

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