Matteo Furlan Is The Top Student At 2013 Universiade

Matteo Furlan Is The Top Student At 2013 Universiade

Open water swimmers can expect the unexpected in open bodies of water, especially at high level competitions. But top-level competitors in their hearts, always believe they have what it takes to win. And in the heat of the battle, that will to win far outweighs pre-race media predictions.

“This is my best swim, I’m very happy,” said Matteo Furlan of Italy to R-Sport after winning the men’s 10 km at the World University Games in Kazan, Russia today. “Before the start I did not even think that I could win. Competitors? Romain Beraud from France and Germany’s Andreas Waschburger, as you can see, were the second and third. Everything was fine, except that water was very hot, but it brought the problems for everybody.”

Furlan just had a little extra in the gas tank as he out-sprinted Beraud by 2 seconds and Waschburger by 3.9 seconds in the 10 km this morning.

The trio of Europeans separated themselves for the rest of the top pack over the final loop in the rowing course as the top students in the final swimming competition of the Universiade.

1. Matteo Furlan (ITA) 1:56:12.4
2. Romain Beraud (FRA) 1:56:14.4
3. Andreas Waschburger (GER) 1:56:16.3
4. Charlie Cuignet (FRA) 1:56:33.8
5. Victor Colonese (BRA) 1:56:38.2
6. Daniil Serebrennikov (RUS) 1:57:01.3
7. Christopher Bryan (IRL) 1:57:02.1
8. Evgenij Pop Acev (MKD) 1:57:22.6
9. Yasunari Hirai (JPN) 1:57:33.1
10. Ryan Feeley (USA) 1:57:41.9
11. Artem Podyakov (RUS) 1:57:44.7
12. Jan Posmourny (CZE) 1:57:49.1
13. Volodymyr Voronko (UKR) 1:57:59.3
14. Joey Pedraza (USA) 1:58:14.4
15. Miguel Hernandez (MEX) 1:58:28.3
16. Samuel Sheppard (AUS) 1:58:31.6
17. Aimeson Anthony Sparks-King (CAN) 1:58:43.6
18. Francois Xavier Desharnais (CAN) 1:58:53.8
19. Kyrylo Shvets (UKR) 1:59:13.7
20. Troy Balvert (NZL) 1:59:27.1
21. Joshua Richardson (AUS) 1:59:46.9
22. Matthias Schweinzer (AUT) 2:02:21.3
23. Bence Kiraly (HUN) 2:03:10.5
24. Sanu Debnath (IND) 2:19:37.0
25. Daniel Alzate (COL) 2:23:00.0
26. Dejan Mladenovski (MKD) 2:23:01.6

Photo of Matteo Furlan by Alexandr Wilf of RIA Novosti.

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