Mäx Beer’s Final Triple Crown Swim

Courtesy of Lynn Kubasek, Catalina Channel, California.

Mäx Beer of Vienna, Austria achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming on August 6th, fighting tough afternoon winds that swirl off the coastline of California.

Beer’s start from Santa Catalina Island was delayed due to boat problems [so he missed the typical late evening and early morning calm].

[As a result], he had to deal with strong afternoon winds during the last few hours of his 11 hour 18 minute crossing
,” reported the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation.

The water temperatures peaked at 78°F [25.5°C] while Dan Simonelli [shown above on left] and John Blair provided kayak support, Susanne Blair [shown above on right] and Lynn Kubasek served as the official observers [and videographer].”

Kubasek recalls, “There are some things you just can’t plan for…one of those would be engine troubles on the boat. On the way to the start at Doctor’s Cove, we got halfway when the engines stopped dead. The boat got fixed, crew got re-arranged and fast forward…the swim started late at 3:56 am.”

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Steven Munatones