Measure, Analyze, React, Navigate With The Marlin

Measure, Analyze, React, Navigate With The Marlin

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Over 3,600 products were exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year.

An open water swimming product was selected across 28 categories as a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree.

The Marlin GPS Swim Meter by Platysens of Hong Kong. The Marlin GPS Swim Meter enables real-time, in-water communication with pool and open water swimmers by combining GPS, motion sensors and voice technology to instantly provide swimming parameters such as lap time, stroke rate and navigation information.

The Marlin bone conduction headset allows for the clear audio feedback underwater.

Swimmers can hear their pace as they swim. If a swimmer veers off-course, the Marlin will provide navigational direction to get them back on the straightest line. Metrics such as lap time, lap count and stroke rate are reported in audio and stored in the device. After the swim, swimmers can connect Marlin to their smartphone to upload training or open water swim data. Configurations and settings can be controlled through the Marlin App on both Android and iOS.

The Marlin’s GPS module provides accurate tracking and navigation in open water swimming venues. A swimmer inputs a specific course by selecting specific waypoints in the app. The open water swim navigation is mapped against the pre-swim definition. Swimmers can synchronize the waypoints to the Marlin through the app. In the water, the Marlin uses voice feedback to guide the swimmer back to the pre-defined course if they go off-course.

Platysens is a Hong Kong-based startup company that focuses on sports sensors and analysis. In addition to the Marlin, the Platysens engineers have designed the Seal Swim Analyzer that measure swimmer’s hand movements as they swim through the water. The patent-pending algorithm calculates the hands’ moving path, as well as force exerted into the water.

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