Mechanisms Are The Same, Environment Are Different

Courtesy of TEDxWinnetkaWomen, Illinois.

Marcia Cleveland, author of Dover Solo, is included in the growing list of watermen and waterwomen who have shared ideas worth spreading – rooted in open water swimming – at TED Talks and TEDx events around the globe:

Lewis Pugh, Maarten van der Weijden, Diana Nyad, Dr. Peter Attia, Vicki Keith, Ori Sela, Tim Ferriss, Angel Yanagihara, PhD, Dr. Tim Noakes, Wallace J. Nichols, PhD, Maria Conceicao, Lynne Cox, Guillaume Néry, Craig Dietz, Dana Vollmer, Kimberley Chambers, Catherine Sheridan, Patrick Fellows, Doug McConnell, and Amos Nachoum

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Steven Munatones