Medicinal Tools In The Florida Straits and Physicians

Medicinal Tools In The Florida Straits and Physicians

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Diana Nyad had three individuals from Miami (Dr. E. Willis Weyers, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, Fellow in Anesthesiology and Critical Care), Mike Letter, P.A. University of Miami Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, and Dr. Gabriel Sarah, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, Senior Resident in Anesthesiology) on her escort boats.

They brought a number of medicines and tools that can be used if there is an emergency on Nyad’s Cuba swim, from surgical procedures due to a shark encounter to asthma attacks.

The equipment they have at their disposal to treat Nyad or her escort crew in case of an emergency include the following:

• ACLS medications: Epinephrine/Atropine/Lidocaine/Amiodarone
• Vasopressors: Vasopressin/Norepinephrine/Phenylephrine
• Asthma Rx: albuterol/levoalbuterol/ipratropium/magnesium/corticosteroids
• Antibiotics: Cefazolin/Clindamycin
• Oxygen tanks/ETT/OPA/CO2 calorimetry
• Nebulizers/Neb machine
• Surgical: Laceration trays/wound care topical antibiotics/trauma dressings/splints/IV supplies: Multiple 1L bags -LR/NS/D5 0.45%NS/ D50% Ampules
• Intubating kits and emergency airway supplied incl. tracheostomy kit
• Anesthesics: Etomidate/Succinycholine/rocuronium/Propofol/BZD’s/IV lidocaine for local anesthesia and peripheral nerve block/lorazepam
• NSAID’s: Ketorolac/Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen
• Devices: Temp probe/NIBP cuffs/Stethscopes/Defibrillator/Glucometer

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