Mediterranean Magic - Swim The Costa Brava

Mediterranean Magic – Swim The Costa Brava

Spanish marathon swimmer Miquel Suñer Comalat has swum around the world, completing channels of the Oceans Seven and the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. But he always returns to Spain for one special event: Swim the Costa Brava. Swim the Costa Brava is a magical event created with the long-term aim of building an international series of thoroughly enjoyable open water swimming competitions around the Mediterranean. The series kicks off this year on September 21st and 22nd in the scenic village of l´Escala in Catalonia, Spain. The swim takes place off Cala Montgó beach, a magnificent rocky bay with crystalline turquoise waters surrounded by pines and cliffs. “Our search for a beach protected from the Tramontana wind so frequent in the Empordá has lead us to this spot of exceptional beauty,” explains Aida Molina, Managing director of Culture Sport. Culture Sport organises swimming and cultural holidays in the region as well as the Swim the Costa Brava event. The series offers 1.5 km, 3.5 km and 6.0 km races. The two shorter distances are circular swims within the sheltered bay. The more challenging 6.0 km distance requires that the swimmers navigate around the headland. There are feed stations for the two longer distances and all swims will be supported by motorized lifeboats and kayaks. But the fun does not start on the coastline. Go a bit inland and on the day before the race and after the technical briefing, swimmers can enjoy a live music concert on the beach front and a spa treatment. The series continues on October 5th -6th with the Swim The Island in Bergeggi, Italy and the Swim the Blue Coast in France in 2014. For more information on these events, contact Aida Molina at and check out Copyright © 2008 – 2013 by World Open Water Swimming Assocation
Steven Munatones