Mediterranean Peace Route Goes International

Mediterranean Peace Route Goes International

Dr. Güneş Kibar of the Youth and Sports Club of Hacettepe Üniversitesi is a Fulbright Scholar studying targeted drug delivery systems for those with cancer at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. But the Turkish event organizer maintains close ties with her fellow Turkish countrymen and swimmers. For the third consecutive year, she is organizing the Mediterranean Peace Route between northern Turkey and Cyprus.

  • In 2019, she organized the first 91.27 km Mediterranean Peace Route from northern Turkey to Cyprus
  • In 2020, she organized the second 91.27 km Mediterranean Peace Route from Cyprus to northern Turkey
  • In 2021, she organized the third 91.27 km Mediterranean Peace Route from northern Turkey to Cyprus, scheduled for September

She appeared on WOWSA Live and explained about the Mediterranean Peace Route, a relay swim between the Turkey and Cyprus:

She explains, “The aim of the project is to show the brotherhood in the Mediterranean Sea by peaceful sportive activity, and to create a new international open water swimming route. Six international and six Turkish swimmers will begin to swim from the mainland of Turkey to Cyprus. We want to demonstrate that this sportive activity could bring every nation to be united in peace route. The Turkish swimmers will be organized by Hacettepe University Youth and Sports Club Master Swimming Team which already completed a crossing of the English Channel and two 91.27 km Mediterranean Peace Routes including from Turkey to Cyprus and from Cyprus to Turkey in the other direction.”

Steven Munatones describes the previous Mediterranean Peace Route, “Erman Akkaya, Temel Yakşi, Nükhet Atilgan, Mehmet Hilmi Soylu, Pelin Çelik, Zafer Özdem, Deniz Kayadelen, Burçak Tümay Pekel, and Murat Meto, ages 33 to 60 swam 91.27 km from Northern Cyprus to the Turkish mainland in 37 hours 30 minutes last year. They pioneered a new relay swim route from Northern Cyprus to the Turkish mainland to celebrate International Day of Peace.

The swim window starts on September 21st which is the International Day of Peace or during September 2021. Dr. Kibar says, “This time we would like to invite international swimmers from different countries. Our chosen countries include Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, England, Germany, Israel, and France. We have the support from the government. They are glad to support international swimmers.”

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