A Medley Of Records In The Channel

A Medley Of Records In The Channel

Most people swim freestyle across the English Channel (EC) and Catalina Channel (CC), but a select few like doing other strokes.

The fastest of those non-freestylers include:

Fastest EC Butterfly: Julie Bradshaw, (UK), 2002, 14:18
Fastest CC Butterfly: Vicki Keith (Canada), 1989, 14:53:26
Fastest EC Backstroke: Tina Neill, (USA), 2005, 13:22
Fastest CC Backstroke: Tina Neill (USA), 2008, 10:37
Fastest EC Breaststroke: Frederik Jaques (Belgium), 2005, 13:31
Fastest CC Breaststroke: Jason Lassen (USA), 2010, 15:59

Photo above shows Vicki Keith; video above shows Julie Bradshaw.

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Steven Munatones