Melissa Gorman Takes Her Lumps In Victory

Melissa Gorman Takes Her Lumps In Victory

Two-time Australian Olympian Melissa Gorman stood on the shore at the State Sand To Surf in Mount Maunganui before round five of the 2012-2013 State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series.

Glacing over the course and towards the horizon, the course seemed calm.

With New Zealand’s best in Cara Baker and Charlotte Webby also standing onshore, Gorman was in for a battle. But it was more of a test against the elements judging from her 29-second victory over Baker.

It was a little different to what I was expecting. Standing on the beach it looked quite calm, but once I got there it was quite choppy, but as an open water swimmer you have to adjust, and I did that successfully. $20,000 is a lot of money and it’ll definitely help me out a lot back home, with my training and travel plans. So, I’d love to have a good race in Auckland just like everyone, so it should be a cracker.”

2013 State Sand To Surf Results:

1. Melissa Gorman (Queensland) 30:34
2. Cara Baker (Auckland) 31:03
3. Charlotte Webby (New Plymouth) 31:48
4. Kirsty Wannan (Auckland) 34:06
5. Bridget Maher (Auckland) 34:54

Current overall standings in the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series after five rounds:

1. Charlotte Webby (New Plymouth) 299.57
2. Cara Baker (Auckland) 297.52
3. Kirsty Wannan (Auckland) 285.40
4. Natalie Woodgate (Auckland) 274.10
5. Bridget Maher (Auckland) 273.42
6. Melissa Gorman (Queensland) 200.00

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