Melissa Gorman's Top Ten Tips For Ocean Swimming

Melissa Gorman’s Top Ten Tips For Ocean Swimming

World 5K champion Melissa Gorman of Australia gave her top ten tips for ocean swimming to Ultra Magazine.

I compete in the Australian circuit and numerous races overseas with my main focus being the world championship, Commonwealth or Olympic Games. But I enjoy the smaller ocean swims just as much. [Swims from South Africa to San Francisco] provide such different environments and experiences, yet the atmosphere is similar – laidback yet professional. Friendly people…all combining to create the culture that is ocean swimming.”

1. Make sure your fitness is up to scratch for the event.
2. Make sure you are well hydrated before the race.
3. Be well aware of the course.
4. Understand the conditions on the day.
5. Have a good warm-up.
6. Get off to a good start.
7. Master the break if you are racing in the surf.
8. Maintain good technique.
9. Prepare for a good finish.
10. Enjoy yourself.

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