Men And Women Mix And Match In Mexico

Men And Women Mix And Match In Mexico

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Ocean Maya Royale Resort in Playa del Carmen
In the 12-loop 1.25 km course in front of the Ocean Maya Royale resort in Playa del Carmen, the men and women heats started separately.

But the men’s lead pack of 15 have caught up with the women’s lead pack of 11.

This will result in many changes in the race dynamics.

As the men pass the women’s pack, the fastest women are able to hang on the back of the women’s pack.

Silvie Rybarovia
Slowly but surely, swimmers like Angela Maurer are able to use the strength of the men in these tough conditions to her advantage relative to her female competitors.

Over the next few loops, there will be a separation of the genders, to some extent.

The top women know of this possibility which has been used again and again in loop courses on the FINA circuit where men and women compete together.

Pilar Geijo
So far, Silvie Rybarovia and Pilar Geijo are among the women hanging onto the men’s lead pack which is picking up speed as the race has entered into the second half.

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