Men vs. Woman, Women vs. Men Around Manhattan

Men vs. Woman, Women vs. Men Around Manhattan

American Olympian Mark Warkentin and Petar Stoychev will be chasing Shelley Taylor-Smith‘s Manhattan Island circumnavigation record of 5 hours and 45 minutes. In the 95-year history of swimming around Manhattan Island, no one – man or woman – has been able to come close to Shelley’s record – except Shelley herself who has the second fastest swim of 6 hours and 12 minutes.

But while the two world-class male swimmers are chasing Shelley’s record, they will be chased by two local legends: Rondi Davies and Tobey-Anne Saracino.

Rondi recently won the 25K Swim Across The Sound, the 10-mile Kingdom Swim in Vermont and has placed in the top 3 in dozens of swims around Manhattan Island, so her knowledge of the waterways will be useful as she uses her navigational experience against the men. Tobey-Anne has completed the English Channel and 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, won the 25K Swim Across The Sound.

It will be an interesting battle of the sexes on September 10th in New York City.

Photo of Tobey-Anne Saracino by Amy Bolger.

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