Men's Start List For The Olympic Marathon Swim

Men’s Start List For The Olympic Marathon Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The 25 male finalists in the Olympic marathon swim in Hyde Park tomorrow at 12 noon GMT will line up on the starting pontoon in the following order.

When watching the 25 marathon swimmers on television or online, the following numbers will be printed on the athlete’s hands, shoulders, and shoulder blades. It is often difficult to make out the swimmers without these numbers, although the color of their swim caps is also a helpful hint.

It should be noted that an estimated 30,000 people watched the women’s marathon swim race today.

1. Igor Chervynskiy of Ukraine
2. Benjamin Schulte of Guam
3. Yasunari Hirai of Japan
4. Ky Hurst of Australia
5. Yuriy Kudinov of Kazakhstan
6. Julien Sauvage of France
7. Mazen Aziz Metwaly of Egypt
8. Troyden Prinsloo of South Africa i
9. Arseniy Lavrentyev of Portugal
10. Andreas Waschburger of Germany
11. Brian Ryckeman of Belgium
12. Thomas Lurz of Germany
13. Erwin Maldonado of Venezuela
14. Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria
15. Sergey Bolshakov of Russia
16. Valerio Cleri of Italy
17. Francisco Jose Hervas of Spain
18. Vladimir Dyatchin of Russia
19. Daniel Fogg of Great Britain
20. Alex Meyer of the USA
21. Richard Weinberger of Canada
22. Spyridon Gianniotis of Greece
23. Ivan Enderica Ochoa of Ecuador
24. Csaba Gercsak of Hungary
25. Oussama Mellouli of Tunisia

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