Merle's Mermaid Marathon In Miami

Merle’s Mermaid Marathon In Miami

Merle’s Mermaid Marathon In Miami

Sponsored by WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Local news and social media over the past week in Miami’s Biscayne Bay have been flooded with images of dead fish floating across the bay and littering shores of southern Florida. Marine life is literally struggling to breath. Florida International University scientists have reported oxygen levels down to 0 (zero!) for up to five hours; fire boats have been oxygenating water around Morningside Park, the 79th Street causeway and other locations where the worst of the fish kill has been reported by the public.

Biscayne Bay has reached its tipping point: pollution from sewage leaks, septic tanks, fertilizers and stormwater runoffs, along with the record high temperatures in the lower 90°Fs is killing seagrass and marine life [see here].

The Estonian breaststroker and marathon swimmer, known as Mermaid Merle, wants to inspire the public to bring awareness to this tragedy, to find short and long-term solutions, and to demand bold actions from local politicians.

Since early 2020 Liivand focused her energy on ocean conservation and awareness.

On August 20th, she will attempt to swim 20 km with her mermaid fins, not using her arms as she keeps them at her side, in order to bring attention to how pollution and climate change are impacting the ocean. She asks, “Please consider making a donation to Miami Waterkeeper or ARTSail Residency and Research Initiative to support their programs and activities towards water quality, ocean conservation and climate change advocacy through the arts.”

She estimates the 20 km mermaid swim will take her about 8 hours. She will start on the beach by South Point Park Pier in Miami Beach, Florida at 7 am and plans to swim until 3 pm. Watch the livestream of her swim here.

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