Mermaid Kariel Fulfilling A Lifelong Dream

Mermaid Kariel Fulfilling A Lifelong Dream

Mermaid Kariel has developed a creative niche for herself. She long dreamed of becoming a mermaid and she now works as one. “My first Mermaid tail was a completely hand-crafted mermaid tail. Becoming a mermaid is a fulfilling childhood passion,” explains Kariel. “It felt to normal to be in my hand made Mermaid Tail.”

As a dedicated ocean activist, she travels the world performing for charity projects and commercial ventures.

Her goal? Bringing awareness to the ocean and its precious animal life.

When home in Hawaii, Mermaid Kariel works at the Ihilani JW Marriott in Hawaii where she teaches her Fin-to-Fitness class. She is also involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and is the author of a children’s book that helps readers see their full potential and talent.

Mermaid Kariel is also a FINIS ambassador who promotes fitness training, natural resource conservation, and underwater photography efforts. The real-life mermaid uses the FINIS Competitor Monofin as the blade for her elaborate tail.

Bottom photo of Mermaid Kariel by Kurt Chambers.

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