The Mexican Ambassador Of Open Water Swimming

The Mexican Ambassador Of Open Water Swimming

Walking around the streets of Mexico City or any other city in the world, Antonio Argüelles would appear as any other distinguished CEO with numerous degrees to his name from Stanford University and Harvard University.

But outside of his executive duties at the Nueva Escuela Tecnológica (New Technology Schools), Antonio is one of the world’s most distinguished marathon swimmers.

During a career as an age-group swimmer and member of the Mexican National Swim Team, Antonio was accustomed to training 20,000 meters a day from his formative years. After his retirement from the pool, he did other endurance sports and then came back from a 20-year layoff to complete the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (7:56:16). The swimming bug bit him something fierce for he quickly followed the circumnavigation of Manhattan Island with a Catalina Channel swim (12:25:43), swim around Key West (4:34:05) and an English Channel crossing (18:19:00). The result was he joined the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming club.

Together with International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame swimmer Nora Toledano, he published a widely acclaimed book entitle ‘A cada brazada: el azul interminable‘ where they told our stories about open water swimming.

To celebrate his 50th birthday, Antonio went back into the water to achieve the Triple Crown of Swimming within one summer season. In October 2008, he swam the Catalina Channel (13:10:25). After the swim, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame swimmer David Clark described his feat being accomplished on ‘one of the toughest nights ever remembered.’

In June 2009, he finished the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. In July, he did Catalina (10:25:12) and in September, he did the English Channel (12:54) to become the third person to achieve the Triple Crown in one year and the only one to have done it twice.

Antonio was awarded the Premio Nacional del Deporte 2009 (National Sports Award) by President Felipe Calderón for his contribution to the promotion of open water swimming and triathlon in Mexico.

An accomplished businessman, an educated individual, a passionate athlete, Antonio is truly one of the treasures of the sport.

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