Michael Brinegar Captures Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup

Michael Brinegar Captures Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup

Olympic pool swimmer Michael Brinegar continued his hot streak on American waterways today in Lake Las Vegas despite lots of wind and rain. He won the 10 km Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup by a comfortable margin over David Heron and the University of Florida’s Brennan Gravley. Earlier this year, Brinegar represented Team USA in the 800m and 1500m freestyle events in Tokyo (finishing 17th in both).

The 2021-2022 USA National Open Water Swimming team was selected from the Las Vegas Open Water Champions Cup. The roster is active from November 1st 2021 to May 1st 2022. The USA team includes the top five men and women from today’s 10 km race:

1. Michael Brinegar (22) 1:40:22.79
2. David Heron (26) 1:40:46.75
3. Brennan Gravley (21) 1:40:47.61
4. Simon Lamar (22) 1:41:18.83
5. Dylan Gravley (19) 1:41:19.72
6. Gordon Mason (22) 1:42:28.62
7. Theodore Smith (22) 1:44:02.83
8. Joshua Brown (18) 1:45:05.37
9. Joseph Tepper (19) 1:46:02.71
10. Alexander Ayers (16) 1:48:03.43
11. Ilya Kharun (16) 1:48:06.91
12. Jacob Pishko (18) 1:50:28.06
13. Cameron Castro (21) 1:50:40.06
14. Skyler Kao (17) 1:50:40.42
15. Alan Shaaban (15) 1:55:06.19
16. Austin Metzler (16) 1:55:24.03
17. Gavin Formon (19) 1:57:20.73
18. Aidan Pflieger (17) 1:57:32.23
19. Thomas Brunner (17) 2:00:38.18
20. Adam Shaaban 18) 2:01:36.22

The USA national team is a mix of veterans with 2-time Olympian Jordan Wilimovsky, 9-time national team member Heron, 4-time national team member Brinegar (in the pool), and 4-time national team member Brennan Gravley joining two-timer Dylan Gravley and first-timer Lamar. “What is interesting is that on an institutional level, things have not changed much since the 1970’s. What comes around stays around,” observed Steven Munatones. “Michael Brinegar is from Indiana University which started its powerful marathon swimming tradition with John Kinsella, Bill Heiss and James Kegley in the 1970’s. David Heron represents the Mission Viejo Nadadores which started its powerful marathon swimming tradition in the 1980’s with Paul Asmuth and Bill Schmidt and continued on to two-time Olympian Chloe Sutton. Simon Lamar continues the tradition of Alex Meyer, another Harvard graduate, and Brennan and Dylan Gravley are products of Ron Aitken andthe long-standing Sandpipers of Nevada tradition in the open water.”

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