Michael Jennings, Giving It His All

Michael Jennings, Giving It His All

Michael Jennings, a two-time English Channel swimmer and former Channel Swimming Association member, knows what devotion and support for his fellow swimmers. He observed 70 channel attempts in the 1960s, of which “only about 20 of which were successful.” He explains, “It wasn’t then like it is now with some 250 attempts this year.”

One of the top British swimmers in his day, he has written a 311-page book, Believe It…or not!, that has already sold over 1,500 copies which he has donated 100% of the proceeds (£16,000) to charity.

Michael wrote his book to celebrate the Golden (50th) Anniversary of his first English Channel swim (France-to-England in 1960 in 13:31) – a milestone few have reached, and to support The EllenorLions Hospices. “The EllenorLions Hospices should profit by more than £6 per book sold. 72 years of lifetime experiences have gone into the book.”

And 100% of the proceeds goes to helping others – just as Michael did on all those channel attempts as an Observer for the Channel Swimming Association.

Note: Besides his first France-to-England swim, he also completed an England-to-France swim in 1966 in 12:59. And he still swims, getting second in the over-70 age-group at the 4.7-mile Hellespont Race in Turkey where he was narrowly beaten by Australian Olympic hero Murray Rose.

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