Michael Oram On Gallivant

Michael Oram On Gallivant

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Michael Oram of English Channel escort pilot fame and an Honor Pilot inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame once explained what is on his escort boat during channel crossings, the Gallivant, a 36-foot Dutch Steel Motor Cruiser with RYA/MCA Small Commercial Craft and Workboat Registration: Class 2 (60 miles from safe haven).  “The Gallivan is a pleasure craft – well, it is to most swimmers – especially to the majority that reach the other side.  We are a floating cafe and advice centre that serve ‘Maxim cocktails‘ to the desperate swimmers – and hot rice pudding and honey to the knackered ones – with hot porridge and raspberry jam when needed, cheese ham and honey sandwiches, plus a variety of foods to save the day; as well as a variety of hot fructose sugar laced drinks; and all with a ‘happy crew’ that offer ‘friendly advice’ to anyone who dares to ask for it.”

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