Michael Phelps Moves Towards The Open Water

Michael Phelps Moves Towards The Open Water

Courtesy of Crystal Lagoons.

It almost seems inevitable now when an Olympic champion expands their aquatic reach to the open water.

Johnny Weissmuller did it. Gertrude Ederle did it. Greta Andersen did it. John Kinsella did it. Shane Gould did it. Sandy Neilson-Bell did it. Gary Hall Jr. did it. Aaron Peirsol did it. Rebecca Soni did it. And many others have found themselves enjoying the excitement, challenge and beauty of the open water after their pool swimming careers have come to an end.

Michael Phelps did a special appearance on the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week this summer. Now the Olympic pool swimming legend has decided to serve as an ambassador for Crystal Lagoons, a company that is building more than 600 patented, crystal clear lagoons at various properties in 60 countries around the world.

Crystal Lagoons, established by Chilean scientist Fernando Fischmann, has developed a pioneering, innovative, and environmentally sustainable technology which allows beautiful giant natural-looking pools to be built and maintained at low costs anywhere in the world, using minimal amount of chemicals and energy to create an idyllic beach lifestyle anywhere in the world.

The company explained its new partnership with the famed 28-time Olympic medalist, “The goal is to bring swimming and water sports activities to communities around the world via Crystal Lagoons’ technology that transforms ordinary landscapes into majestic crystal clear lagoons.”

Lagoons that can be used for recreational, relaxation and training for newcomers and marathon swimmers alike.

For more information and videos of the lagoon projects, visit www.crystal-lagoons.com.

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