Michael Read Covers 65 Years Of History On WOWSA Live

Michael Read Covers 65 Years Of History On WOWSA Live

Michael Read Covers 65 Years Of History On WOWSA Live

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79-year-old Michael Read, MBE swam 40 events during the 2019 season iiincluding the 26 km the International Swimming Marathon of Toroneos Gulf in 11 hours 27 minutes.

Read is at the very top echelon of passionate and knowledgeable authorities on the global sport of channel swimming, marathon swimming, and competitive swimming. His enthusiasm is infectious.

Read had a wide-ranging talks with International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairman Ned Denison on today’s edition of WOWSA Live. The two International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductees talked about:

* the history and mission of the Channel Swimming Association since December 1926
* last official crossings from France to England across the English Channel
* the kind hearts who have supported him throughout his own 65-year career in swimming
* his participation in 1960 Great British Olympic team in Rome
* his completion of over 130 16 km+ marathon swim since 1969
* 46 years of involvement in the Channel Swimming Association
* drug testing test to maintain swimmer’s health, to prevent unfair advantages, and to defend the integrity of our port
* Dorothy Logan
* types of available drug testing for channel swimming: urine, blood, and saliva tests (least intrusive and the chosen method of the Channel Swimming Association)
* Ted Erikson and his two-way crossing
* Peter van Vooren

For more information on the Channel Swimming Association, visit www.channelswimmingassociation.com

Michael Read interview from June 2012 on Open Water Wednesday, the precursor to WOWSA Live.

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