Michael Ventre Climbs China Walls After Molokai Crossing

Michael Ventre Climbs China Walls After Molokai Crossing

Linda Kaiser reported that Michael Ventre from Botswana (by way of London) completed his swim across the Molokai (Kaiwi) Channel today…Stephen Redmond-style that is.

An English Channel swimmer who has also competed at the Winter World Swimming Championships, Ventre changed from cold to warm waters in his latest marathon swim. He started at 6:30 pm on Sunday and finished today at 5 pm, a 22.5-hour battle across the 26-mile (42km) Kaiwi Channel from the island of Molokai to Oahu.

Like Redmond, he missed Sandy Beach, the traditional finish point on the eastern tip of Oahu due to the tides, but continued on around Hanauma Bay and towards Portlock where he climbed ashore at China Walls.

Throughout the long but calms night, Ventre encountered jellyfish and lots of sharks. Undeterred by the Hawaiian marine life, he continued on only to run smack into a building wind that churned up the ocean.

Fortunately, when Ventre arrived at China Walls, the tide was high and he was ablee to scramble up the rock face to become the 24th person to cross the Molokai Channel.

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