Michael Ventre Training From Lanzarote To Siberia

Michael Ventre Training From Lanzarote To Siberia

Courtesy of Michael Ventre, New York to London Swim.

Michael Ventre is traveling the world in order to swim across the Atlantic Ocean in a charity swim for Oxfam.

Ventre, the most accomplished marathon swimmer from Botswana, has another year to go for fundraising and training for his New York to London Swim, but he just returned to the UK s training is proceeding very well after a long distance swimming camp in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands with upcoming swim trips to Siberia, and then Ireland and France during the European summer.

“It’s been an incredible journey so far having reached our minimum crowdfunding target of £20,000 in order to keep the New York to London Swim project on track. It was only the 2nd November last year when I went public with the New York to London Swim campaign. Thanks to the support of the public the project is moving full steam ahead.

A couple of weeks ago Thames Baths, the visionary series of natural swimming baths in the Thames and in cities across the world, and I linked up to form a unique partnership as we share a very similar vision of wanting to inspire people in cities around the world to reclaim their rivers for swimming and increased public use. We both want to promote the growth of open water swimming and get the public to don their Speedos and safely experience the raw thrill, exhilaration and beauty of our rivers and lakes which belong to us, the public.

The total number of corporate partners linked to the New York to London Swim campaign has now reached 5 which is fantastic. Thames Baths join an amazing list of companies; Torq Fitness, Shark Shield, Dry Robe and Xtreme Adventure Foods.”

Ventre is researching for an escort boat for the solo stage swim of 3,800 miles (6,115 km) from New York to London. The boat is ideally between 70 and 150 feet in length that can accommodate 16 crew.

For more information, visit New York to London Swim.

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