Midmar Mile - A Fountain Of Youth For Open Water Swimmers

Midmar Mile – A Fountain Of Youth For Open Water Swimmers

As the aQuelle Midmar Mile approaches its 39th anniversary in February 2012, Wayne Riddin and team have added another age group to the world-famous open water swim.

The aQuelle Midmar Mile is recognized as the largest open water swimming event in the world by the Guinness Book of Records, with athletes between 5 and 87. The oldest swimmer to ever finish the race was the late Colin Cable from Cape Town, South Africa at 89 years.

In 2011, Lorna Cochran (shown above) was the oldest finisher, completing her 13th consecutive race and will be attempting the race again at 88 years of age.

Like Colin and Lorna, these open water swimming stars are an inspiration to many. At the recent Time Freight Heia Safari Swim, there were several swimmers 71 years and older comfortably completing the 1K swim.

So Wayne makes the appropriate changes.

At the 1993 Midmar Mile, a 51 years and older section was introduced due to the growing number of older swimmers. In 2004, a new 61 years and over category was introduced. In 2012, yet another new category will be added: the 71 years and over category.

Is the Midmar Dam in South Africa a Fountain of Youth? It appears so, at least for open water swimmers.

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Steven Munatones