Mighty Mermaids Continue Record Trend

Mighty Mermaids Continue Record Trend

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Records continue to fall this marathon swimming season.

Americans Christie Plank Ciraulo, Nancy Steadman-Martin, Tracy Grilli, Karen Einsidler, Lisa Bennett and Jenny Cook set a record in the Pacific Ocean with a 9:19:44 crossing of the Catalina Channel.

Their time dropped the existing record for an all-female over-50 relay team by over an hour and a half, remarkably fast given the windy and rough conditons.

The Mighty Mermaids, marvelously fit women past the half-century mark with dozens of pool world records to their names, apparently drink from the same fountain of youth and have a burning desire to swim faster and faster as they get older. “The first three legs were brutal,” recalled Christie. “Plus, the water was freezing the entire way and everyone got seasick.”

Despite the obstacles, each of the women are pioneering how fast they can push themselves. They all have a story to tell on how they stay motivated while navigating the trials and tribulations of life. Karen is a shining example. An attorney, a mother of triplets, she underwent a double mastectomy five years ago.

You need to have something to focus on to help you get you through these things and, for me, that was swimming.”

And swim she did – together with five other fast, fun-loving freestylers.

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