Mighty Mermaids Making Waves

Mighty Mermaids Making Waves

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Mighty Mermaids, marvelously fit women past the half-century mark who continue to hit the waterways around the world, make big plans this Northern Hemisphere summer of 2010.

The Mighty Mermaids are going to attempt to break two Catalina Channel relay records. In fact, they’ll attempt to set an overall world record.

Given their track record, there seems to be no doubt that they have an excellent shot of beating the over-50 relay set by Over the Wave in 1995 in 10:51:23. But according to Christie Plank Ciraulo and Nancy Steadman-Martin, “We will have our sights on both the over-50 relay record and the all-time female relay record, which is pretty fast [of the Lakewood Aquatic Club, also set in 1995 of 7:04:00].

The Lakewood Aquatic Club record is, in fact, extremely fast – less than 2 minutes slower than the all-time overall relay record of 7:02:45 which was set by the USA Swimming National Open Water Team in 1989.

We made arrangements with Captain Greg of the Bottom Scratcher and our date is set – July 29th, starting at midnight, swimming in the wee hours on Friday morning. We are very excited about the Catalina Channel.”

So are we.

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