Mighty Swim The Mighty

Mighty Swim The Mighty

Photos courtesy of Tracy Knight and Patty Hermann.

Is there anything Sarah Thomas can’t do in the open water?

Adding to her list of accomplishments (again), the 38-year-old from Colorado escorted by John Hughes, finished first in the 36 km END-WET (Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test) interstate marathon swim in 13 hours 4 minutes. The field swam down the Mighty Red River of the North from rural North Dakota into East Grand Forks, Minnesota, the longest swim race in North America.

The finishers included:

  1. Sarah Thomas (38) escorted by John Hughes, 13 hours 4 minutes
  2. Marian Cardwell (31) escorted by Brian Huschle, 13 hours 10 minutes
  3. Seth Baetzold (26) escorted by Justin Kieffer, 13 hours 32 minutes
  4. D’Arcy Toffolo (44) escorted by Lynn Acton & Shellie Beeker, 13 hours 37 minutes
  5. Kaitlyn Peterson (18) escorted by Quinn Baken, 14 hours 31 minutes
  6. Rose Buckmann (26) escorted by Adrienne Salentiny, 14 hours 40 minutes
  7. Lucas Hetzel (28) escorted by Bob Hetzel, 14 hours 48 minutes
  8. Abby Bergman (24) escorted by Marie Bergelin, 15 hours 4 minutes
  9. Tracy Knight, escorted by Steve Gruenwald, 15 hours 30 minutes
  10. Justin Carestia (24), escorted by Nicolas Rohrich, 15 minutes 32 minutes
  11. Deanna Doohaluk, escorted by Dex and Betsy, 15 hours 40 minutes
  12. Arlo Lorenz (44), escorted by Ryan Snuggerud, 16 hours 18 minutes
  • DNF Ivan Pancic (48) escorted by Adam Kitzes at mile 15
  • DNF Thomas HIntz (55) escorted by Allen Dunn at mile 21
  • Linda Stewart (33) escorted by Kat and John Puhl, Corina Fiest, Emmett Sum
  • DNF Rachel Lefkakis (31) escorted by Amber Tate at mile 25
  • Luke Smetters (39) escorted by Jill Thomas
  • Jamie Tout (68) escorted by Tammy Bohan at mile 33

Tracy Knight recalls the June 21st race, “I swam 36 miles down the Red River. Normally, there’s a good current assist [but] this year was a drought with little current after 15 miles. I barely made it in under the 16 hour cut-off [in] 15 hours 26 minutes thanks to my amazing kayaker Steve Gruenwald.”

For more information, visit endracing.com

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