Minaglia Gaining Back His Mojo

Minaglia Gaining Back His Mojo

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Dr. Steve Minaglia from Honolulu, Hawaii was heading to Puerto Rico on another medical business trip and had a plan to gain back his mojo.

Since he just flew from Hawaii to Puerto Rico in order to teach a surgery course at the local medical school, he is planning a swim from Isla Culebra to the mainland Puerto Rico this weekend.

When he was investigating possible swims in the area, he stumbled across Matthew Moseley‘s 38 km Cruce y Nado por los Arrecifes de Coral swim from Culebra to Fajardo in 2015 in 12 hours 1 minute.

Dr. Minaglia needed a win. “It has been a long road to recovery. I had torn some tendons in a fall and had so much pain during the Tsugaru Channel [attempt in Japan that] I had to quit after 2 hours. Previously in March 2015, I swam the first 10 km in a fast 2 hours 19 minutes across the Cook Strait [in New Zealand], but I succumbed to hypothermia at 5 hours 20 minutes with less than 7 km to go. S.C.A.R. [in Arizona] did go well, but again I experienced hypothermia on Day 3 around 6 hours.”

Living in Hawaii is brutal on a channel swimmer challenging himself in cold water. “I think warm water is the way to go unless I move from Hawaii.”

With his confidence lagging, the good doctor was looking for a success. “Last week I swam five 12 km [training] swims within 8 days with and without current – all under 3 hours 30 minutes, so I feel I am ready for PR if time allows.”

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