Mindfulness Meditation To Help In The Ocean

Mindfulness Meditation To Help In The Ocean

Years ago, Penny Palfrey was swimming off one of the California Channel Islands and a huge Great White Shark passed under her. She admired its majesty and just kept swimming on, calmly and with a purpose. “Very few swimmers who witnessed such a giant shark swimming under them in clear waters would be an unflappable and calm as Penny was on that day,” said Steven Munatones. “The shark didn’t bother her or slow her down – she didn’t miss a stroke – and she had no impact on the shark.”

How can other swimmers remain as cool, calm and collected as the Australian International Marathon Swimming Hall of Famer in the presence of a shark?

Bruckner Chase, who has encountered two great whites during his ocean swimming career and his wife Michelle Evans-Chase, PhD have practical advice. “We offer a Mindfulness Meditation program to train swimmer’s brains, permanently, to deal with sharks, jellyfish or anything else that may go bump or bite in the Blue.”

They had a discussion with GU’s Yuri Hauswald about the topic that can help ocean swimmers who find themselves in the presence of a shark.

Bruckner brings up a quote that summed up what Palfrey achieved as she swam over a Great White Shark that was more than double her size, “Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.”

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