Miquel Suñer Comalat Joins The Triple Crown

Miquel Suñer Comalat Joins The Triple Crown

Miquel Suñer Comalat, also known as El Divo de Girona, became the first Catalonian, second Spaniard and 53rd person to successfully complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

In addition to his fast Triple Crown swims, he is the male record holder for the Menorca Channe] in Spain where he swam 39.8 km (21.3 nautical miles) from the Balearic island of Menorca to the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea in 12 hours 19 minutes.

Swimming in the sea makes me feel free and alive, in intimate contact with nature. Swimming is my own private form of meditation. I rejoice in the silence around me and relax with the sound of my own breathing. The sea is marvelous, full of life; it is crucial for our own survival and well-being. It needs to be preserved.”

Suñer Comalat, también conocido como “El Divo de Girona”, se convirtió en el primer catalán, segundo español y quincuagésima persona en el mundo en alcanzar la Triple Corona.

Information provided by Antonio Argüelles.

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