A Miracle In The Open Water Off The Coast Of Japan

A Miracle In The Open Water Off The Coast Of Japan

15 kilometers off the coast of eastern Japan, 60-year-old Hiromitsu Arakawa was found on the top of his roof waving frantically for help after two days on the Pacific Ocean.  He was found by a military destroyer heading to help the people of Fukushima Prefecture. Arakawa was spotted by a crew member of the destroyer conscious and was taken safely to shore by helicopter and admitted to a local hospital.

Arakawa-san had been evacuated after the initial earthquake, but he returned home to get his belongings with his wife.  Then the tsunami unexpectedly caught him and his wife off-guard. 

Only Arakawa-san could cling desperately to his rooftop as he was swept out to sea.  He could only wait as he continued to float 15 kilometers away from land.  Over the next two days, he drank remnants of a sports drink a bit by bit, hoping against all odds for rescue as he clung to the battered rooftop over two long nights with land no longer in sight.

Then a miracle happened.

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Steven Munatones