Misery Island. Four Ways. Plenty Of Company.

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Eric Nilsson and Kirsten Read won the inaugural 3-mile Misery Challenge around Tuck’s Point Park in Manchester by-the-sea, Massachusetts.

The charity swim is part of a multi-sport 4-race event around Misery Island and back held with proceeds going to Humans for Oceans.

Race director Josh Crosby explained the different courses, “The swim course is a 3-mile out-and-back course from Tuck’s Point to Misery Island cove and back. For those who choose to SUP, kayak or row, there is a 4-mile course will be from Tuck’s point, around Big Misery Island (between Little and Big Misery) and back to Tuck’s Point. Courses will be marked with safety marshals on motorboats, kayaks and SUPs along the way.”

Top 10 finishers in the 3-mile swim:
1. Eric Nilsson (28) 58:47
2. Guy Davis (56) 1:02:22
3. Edmund Gendreau (53) 1:04:43
4. Kirk Larsen (38) 1:04:43
5. Kirsten Read (50) 1:04:48
6. Melinda Williams (34) 1:05:56
7. Mike Koenig (50) 1:07:26
8. Jill Lancaster (41) 1:07:46
9. Cheryl Daly (43) 1:07:55
10. Kaan Duru (45) 1:08:06

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