Mo Good Stuff From Siegel And Eileen Burke

Mo Good Stuff From Siegel And Eileen Burke

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Besides keeping much of New York City cool with his well-established Ice Air climate control business, open water veteran Mo Siegel is going to swim yet again around Manhattan Island (3 solo Manhattan Island Marathon Swims + 1 relay) on July 12th for a few most excellent reasons.

To get my best swim buddy, Eileen Burke, back into her marathon swimming stride after a 2-year battle with pancreatic cancer,” explains the personable marathoner. “Eileen and I are swimming as a 2-person relay team. And I would like to raise at least US$5,000 for a great local organization – Swim Free.

Perhaps you remember your first experiences in the water – pool, ocean, lake, river. I hope you look back with fondness at the wonder, excitement and refreshment that being in the water provides

Swim Free supports that experience by supporting open water swimming through various programs: safety certification for volunteers and boat observers, direct donations to learn-to-swim programs for kids without access to pools and equipment, and Swim Angel support programs for organized swims.

I am also making a one-time offer: donate US$250 or more and I will send you a limited edition ‘Mo Swims 2014’ t-shirt. Just go to my Swim Free donation page (here) so we can put more New Yorkers in the water, and make it a safer experience for both kids and adults.”

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Steven Munatones