Mohamed Marouf Sets The Standard In Lake Zürich

Mohamed Marouf Sets The Standard In Lake Zürich

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

In 1993, Marouf Mohamed set the record for the 26.4 km International Self-Transcendence Marathon-Schwimmen across Lake Zürich in Switzerland.

The former Egyptian national team swimmer completed the swim in a fast 5 hours 51 minutes.

A new generation of male swimmers are going to attempt to swim their best across Lake Zürich on August 10th this year:

*Roger Rüttimann, Switzerland
*Alex Stoyel, Great Britain
*Dion Harrison, Great Britain
*Timothy Donovan, Australia
*William Ellis, Great Britain
*Dino Sarpi, Italy
*Theodosis Charalampos, Greece
*André Le Guin, Germany
*Frank Freystätter, Germany
*Simon Lee, Great Britain
*Stephen Payne, Australia
*Huseyin Dermis, Great Britain/Turkey
*John Tierney, Ireland
*Jörg Büttner, Germany
*Trevor Malone, Ireland
*Rudolf Maurer, Switzerland
*Kenneth Rodgers, Ireland
*Clive Smith, Great Britain
*Mäx Beer, Austria
*Graeme Schlachter, Great Britain
*Pavel Dagorov, Switzerland
*Marco Allegretti, Italy
*Patrick Cray, Great Britain
*Damian Agnew, Ireland
*Daniel Novák, Czech Republic (wetsuit)
*Dirk Rönsch, Germany (wetsuit)
*Johannes van Steen, Netherlands (wetsuit)
*Pataka Spacek, Czech Republic (wetsuit)
*Yggve Richter, Germany (wetsuit)
*Peter Tomasek, Switzerland (wetsuit)

The women’s start list for the 2014 International Self-Transcendence Marathon-Schwimmen is posted here.

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