Mohammad Kobadi Continues Protected In The Persian Gulf

Mohammad Kobadi Continues Protected In The Persian Gulf

Mohammad Hossein Bibi Kobadi continues on his 23rd straight day in his stage swim along the Persian Gulf.

During his 1000K swim, the Iranian swim coach added a protective cage to his wetsuit, paddles and fins in the 20°C Strait of Hormuz.

After a 25.9K swim the day before, he started his 23rd stage at 11:40 am under sunny skies and generally flat conditions at the Aftab Port near Kish Island and finished 5 hours 30 minutes later at Chiroyeh Port in Hormozgan after knocking off 21.6K en route to his swim to Iran.

He was followed by a flotilla of passenger boats, a safety boat, fishing boats and freight boats as interest continues to build on his swim.

During the stage swim, he stopped for a cumulative total feeding time of 50 minutes to down coffee, dates, soup, local fish and a banana. In addition to encountering plenty of jellyfish, he was also followed by turtles and sea gulls.

His support team attached a protective mesh in the front of the cage to help brush away the blooms of venomous jellyfish.

A towline from the 7-meter-long cage was connected to the tug boat as the structured was pulled along proportional to the speed of swimmer.

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