Moments When Memories Are Made

Moments When Memories Are Made

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

In addition to the social media, open water swimmers vividly remember moments when special memories are made.

Sometimes, these memories are walking up on shore after a long swim; sometimes, it is sight of a shark or the sting of a jellyfish. Sometimes, it is the sight of land or the sound of a whale. Sometimes, it is the taste of chocolate on the seventh hour of a swim. Sometimes, it is climbing out of the water onto a boat after a swim is called.

And sometimes it is simply meeting another open water swimmer from a previous generation.

The international group of 20+ ice swimmers in Buenos Aires experienced this moment when they met Enriqueta Duarte at a press conference for the second annual International Winter Swimming Festival organized by Matías Ola.

She is an amazing amazing lady,” recalls Nuala Moore. “There was such passion in her eyes when she spoke about her swimming career from the Pan American Games in New York when she was 16 years old to when she crossed the English Channel at the 1951 Daily Mail race on August 16th in 13 hours 26 minutes.

Her eyes lit up when we asked her about her swim. She spoke about the fact that she travelled and the food she got was so special. She ate special semolina pudding with chocolate. To see a lady who 54 years ago become so filled with emotion was special. She was very much assisted by Peron and if you continue with the video and see the eyes change when she speaks about Peron…her eyes were on fire.

She still swims in her 80’s and she is still a huge ambassador in the country of Argentina

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